What if you actually knew calculus?

So, you liked math well enough, but once you got to Calculus 2 in college you realized you could spend more time partying and less time studying if you stopped actually learning the math and started cramming for math tests.

And now, having graduated (or dropped out like me) you realize you really would like to know some of that calculus.

I'll help you relearn it ;)

All you have to do is copy my notes. Literally write them on paper, especially the equations and especially especially the 'recall's. I'll take you all the way through a very fun, decently challenging calculus problem and explain everything that isn't basic algebra.

You want to know what the problem is? click here.

A game I'm working on

This will be an incremental game about nanobots. I'm still learning javascript, so don't expect anything interesting here for a while.

Work In Progress